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I will never do something to a customers home that I wouldn't do to my own.

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Top Fireplace and Chimney Specialist

At A+ Fireplace & Chimney Specialist that services all North Texas, Have been serving the fireplace industry for over 25 Years. I have a wide variety of fireplace products available. Just tell me the type of fireplace or woodstove you desire, and I will work on providing you with the most suitable one. I have different products available such as fireplace inserts, outside options, stove, gas and other types of accessories. I offer Wood Stove, Pellet Stove, Gas logs and Gas lines Insulation, Out door Firplaces and Kitches, Custom chimney caps, Termination chimney caps, water leaks, Stone and Tile Installations, Tear down and rebuild fireplaces. I can give you the details on all of the products I offer. I also offer 10% discounts to senior citizens and veterans. Please call us on +14694384248.

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I do not compromise on quality and don't supply products that will end up breaking in two days. I am knowledgeable, experienced, talented, outstanding and can provide you with a lot of information regarding different products. I carefully install your selected fireplace in your specified location. From start to finish, I try to find to find a product that matches perfectly with your criteria. If you are interested in buying a new fireplace, please contact us. Veteran owned and operated. 469-438-4248.

Bird nest removal

An out-of-use chimney is the perfect place for a bird to make them their home. With many chimneys now currently underused, birds are setting up shop in the pot of the chimney or further down the stack which causes problems when it comes to droppings and the functional use of your chimney.


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